Product Catalog

To customize the product catalog, go to Customizer → WooCommerce → Product Catalog.

Here you can customize the following options:

Catalog Settings

Shop page display

Choose whether to show categories and/or products in the catalog. Choosing Show categories & products will show the categories first and then the products. If you click on a category, you will be moved to that category and only products in that category will be shown.

To update the category images, go to the WordPress Admin and then Products → Categories. Opening a category here will enable you to upload an image for that category.

Category display

Same as above, but on category pages.

Default product sorting

Choose default sorting of products in the catalog. You can also choose whether the user should be able to change the sorting or not. See Sorting option.

Products Per Page

Products per row

The number of products per row on larger screens. Note that two products per row will always be shown on mobile.

Rows per page

Number of rows of products on larger screens (will be more on mobile since there’s fewer products per row).

Example: Selecting 3 products per row and 3 rows per page will show 3 x 3 = 9 products per page. On larger screens, 3 products will be shown on each row. On smaller screens, 2 products will be shown per row, but still 9 products in total.

Filter & Sorting



Enabling this option will show the Filter. Read more about how to set up the filter.

Nr of products

Nr of products

Enabling this option will display the nr of products on larger screens. It will not show on mobile.

Sorting option

Enabling this option will show the product sorting dropdown. You can choose the default sorting option under Default product sorting.

Product Cards

The following options will toggle what will show for each product card.

Product name

Product name

Product rating

Product rating

Product price

Product price

Sale Badge

Product sale badge

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