Top Bar

This theme has an optional top bar at the very top of the header:


To enable the top bar, navigate to CustomizerHeaderTop Bar.

Top bar customizer settings


Use one of the branding colors (as set in CustomizerBrandingColors) or select any custom color.

Note: if you just changed your branding colors, you might need to publish the updated settings and refresh the page for the new branding colors to appear here.


You can use the Main Font or the Heading Font for the top bar (as set in CustomizerBrandingTypography).


You can add as many items as you like. The browser will show as many items as there is space for. So on smaller screens (mobile), there might only be space for one or two items.

It’s best practice to have about three items in the top bar. The most important one should be first to make sure that it’s shown on mobile.

Select a page if you want an item to link somewhere when clicked (optional).

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